Delivery Day to Willow Grange Care Home, Olton, Solihull. Hi! My Name is Sue. Welcome to 'SIBOL CHALLENGES 2015!'. I do hope you will join in our Challenges. We make Sunshine Blankets for the Elderly in Nursing & Care Homes here in the UK. All information is available on this Blog. Please remember to enclose your Name, Address, Email Address, Flickr User Name, Blog Address, Internet User Name. This does help me. Thank you. For further information my email address is 'Sue ' on

Friday, 27 June 2014

Information about SIBOL.

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to 'SIBOL' Challenges!

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Thank you so much for popping in to 'SIBOL CHALLENGES'.

Our 'SIBOL' project started in January 2010 and since then we have made well over 1000 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly in Care and Nursing Homes not to mention special Blankets to raise money for worthy causes namely Marie Curie, Breast Cancer Care, Mencap and others.

How can I help? 

There are various way to help. You may like to .......

1.  'Make your own 'SIBOL' Blanket Challenge'. (Squares)

Why not make a 'SIBOL' Blanket yourself?

Our usual 'Sunshine Blankets' comprise of 25  - 6" Squares. (15cms x 15cms)
With a border of 1 to 2".
Depending of what joining method you use e.g. flat braiding the Blanket may work out larger this is fine.
Anything over 36" will be great.
Crocheted or Knitted
Any colours.

OR  Please make a Blanket of your own design. Blankets are 'always welcome for our Elderly'

2. 'Make a Large Granny Square Blanket Challenge'.

Why not put that un-wanted yarn to some good use and make a Large Granny Square Blanket.
It doesn't matter what colours you have left over in your stash. I can assure you an Elderly person
would receive a great deal of comfort from a warm Blanket.

Please make your Blanket over 36"
I'd be most happy to deliver it to the Homes for you!


Sometimes we make Blankets to practice our Skills and then they end up sitting in a plastic bag  not being used. Why not donate the Blanket to 'SIBOL?' I'll be very happy to deliver the Blanket to a Home for you. Sometimes the Blankets are larger than our usual, that doesn't matter. For instance I have had a Blanket 'single bed size' which I passed on to a local Home. As long as it's clean, no holes and in good condition we would be very pleased to accept it.

4.  Why not make a Butterfly?

We use Butterflies to decorate our Blankets and these are always needed. I am often asked where   the pattern can be found. Why not pop over to Netties Blog in Australia here's the Link. ~For above Butterfly~  She has made a wonderful video tutorial and it's very easy to follow. (Crocheted Butterflies).

Of course if you are a Knitter you could make a Knitted Butterfly. Why not use Google to find some Knitted Butterfly patterns? For example here's a pretty one! LINK.

I really don't mind where you find the pattern for a Butterfly but they are always very useful for our Blankets.

We also have a Butterfly Club where we talk about Butterflies over on RAVELRY. Finished Butterflies can be sent to me please. My address is available by contacting me on  (I'm Sue thank you!).

5. Make a Shawl for the Elderly.

I wonder.......... if you would like to make Granny Shawls for the Homes? Just thinking of something different to make for the Elderly.

When I visited sheltered accommodation with Pippa some time ago  the Ladies were telling us how they like to throw a Blanket around  their shoulders in the middle of the night if they can't sleep and 'Silver Surfer' from Loving Hands mentioned in one of her emails recently that someone over on LV  had made one and it was so nice. She thought that it might be something different for the Group to make for the Homes. So this idea really is from her. 

I  have now located a pattern for  a Granny Shawl by Shirley Syfrett and if you are interested in trying it please contact me.

Here are a few Links.

Just to give you some ideas.

A nice size for a Triangle Granny Square Shawl
would be 124 cms across
and 65cms top to point.
It could also be smaller or larger I'll leave it to you.

It seems some of you prefer to make Triangular ones so please feel free to make whatever you like. I was just trying to keep the Square theme going.

There is no pressure at all to take part in this idea.

I just thought it would be nice to try something different and enclose a few in with the Blanket deliveries. Nice gifts for the Elderly?

Please feel free to do whatever you like and if you want it Knitted or Crocheted in one piece that's okay too.

Thank you. 

Any thoughts Ladies?  Sue on

Please remember to enclose the following information if you are making a Blanket/Butterfly/Shawl or Square for a Blanket Challenge.

email address
Rav Name if possible
Flickr User Name if possible
Blog address if possible

Could I just say that I no longer send out Thank you letters through the post, I acknowledge receipt by email as soon as I receive Blankets etc.,

'SIBOL' relys on donations to keep our project running and if you feel you can help in any way please contact me.  I'd  be very happy to accept un-wanted yarn, Ribbons (any width). Ribbons are used for tying the Blankets up and also for attaching the Gift Cards. for our 'Sunshine Blankets'.
I have been asked how much Ribbon would be used on one Blanket. Well it all depends on how thick the Blanket is but roughly just over a metre.  Small bits of Ribbon that you might  get on Gift Sets etc., would be useful for attaching the cards to the Blankets. I really don't want anyone going out and buying Ribbon especially for SIBOL. Thank you!

In  closing once again I am very sorry about these changes. I do hope you are all happy with them.
Our 'Sunshine Blankets' are very well accepted in the Homes. They are a nice lap size and are also useful for wheelchair use and they give a great deal of comfort to an Elderly person.  I have seen first hand how the Blankets have been used in the Homes and I know it's a very worthwhile project.

My aim is to give an Elderly person a little comfort. 'Sending a little ray of sunshine into their lives knowing that someone may be hundreds of miles away has been thinking of them.'  Lots of Elderly people in the Homes do not have many family and friends visit them and it's so nice that we can brighten their day.  With your help I know we can continue doing this.

I have to tell you on  Christmas  Eve 2013 I had a message left on my answering machine. I heard an Elderly Lady say 'Hello Sue I’ve just received your Blanket, beautiful.'  

This lady could hardly speak. She really had a great deal of difficulty leaving the message and these few words inspired me to carry on. I hope you will join us! Thank you!

Any queries please contact me
I'm Sue on

x Sue x